CanSoft Communications uses Meru-Education Grade (MEG) wireless LANs to simplify BYOD and deliver interactive learning reliably and securely, whether in small classrooms or crowded lecture halls. MEG includes Meru’s trusted provisioning and guest management software, along with Meru’s virtualized wireless LAN components, packaged to meet the specific needs of higher education.

   With a wireless LAN from CanSoft Communications, your network isn’t the problem-it’s the solution. CanSoft enables fair and reliable access to digital learning materials. The IT staff can onboard any user device quickly, easily, and securely, even when students and faculty have multiple mobile devices and the whole campus connects at once.

   Give your students access to uninterrupted learning with Meru Education-Grade Wi-Fi.

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Health Care

   Hospitals and healthcare facilities invest millions on Wi-Fi technology to improve patient care. But, typically, their access is neither pervasive nor reliable. Meru Networks®’ Uninterrupted Care Network (UCN) takes a fundamentally different approach. It uses RF layering technology to create separate, dedicated Wi-Fi channels.

   A life-critical layer creates a stable environment for Wi-Fi enabled medical devices. A mission-critical layer lets clinicians onboard their own mobile devices. And a consumer-critical layer gives guests Wi-Fi access without affecting hospital applications. All with minimum IT support and no constant network retuning.

   Contact us to learn how the UCN can support your patient safety, clinician efficiency, and consumer satisfaction initiatives.

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   Meeting and conference Wi-Fi networks simply weren’t built for today’s demands. Personal device use is skyrocketing. And critical systems now rely on the wireless network. When an infrastructure isn’t up to the challenge, the guest experience suffers, and complaints multiply.

   CanSoft Communications combines the blazing-fast performance of the new 802.11ac standard with channel layering technology to multiply capacity and segregate traffic. You also get easy installation, automated onboarding, improved front- and back-end operations, and uninterrupted guest service.

   It all adds up to the perfect 802.11ac Wi-Fi solution for maximum speed, capacity, and security in high-density hotel and conference center environments.

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